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Burgundy is a location in southeast of Paris which is the capital of France. It is known for rich history in wines especially red wines, gastronomy and ancient castles as well. This place offers great site locations for tourists. The …

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Provence and the French Riviera

The Provence region of southern France intoxicates its visitors with sunny weather, stunning beaches, fragrant fields, fine cuisine, and a healthy dose of history. As one of the oldest civilized regions of France, tourists can see what remains of Roman …

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Normandy is located in the northwestern corner of France. It is a historic area full of varied landscapes including 360 miles of coastline and beaches, modern cities, and abundant farmland.
Normandy is primarily known for the events of June 6, …

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Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is like a banquet table for the senses laid out before you on flat to rolling hills.
Colorful gardens, landscapes, immense forests and spectacular castles intertwined with scenic rivers
beg to be explored. Immerse yourself in the …

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The French Alps

Whether you love to ski or simply enjoy traveling, the French Alps are among the most beautiful stretch of mountains in the world. There is something for everyone within the French Alps, whether you want to explore the mountains by …