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Burgundy is a location in southeast of Paris which is the capital of France. It is known for rich history in wines especially red wines, gastronomy and ancient castles as well. This place offers great site locations for tourists. The region is marked with hillsides that are covered with vineyards from where the wine grapes are grown and harvested. The wines are made from chardonnay grapes and from pinot noir grapes. Many guests of Burgundy come to this place for wine tasting among other great sites and locations.

One of the best places to visit in Burgundy is Yonne which is located on the north- western part of Burgundy. Yonne is characteristic with its hedgerows and fields of beautiful vineyards and forests too. The region is also landmarked with numerous rivers and small lakes that enhance the landscape of Yonne. Fascinating sports include swimming and fishing too among others. Yonne, Burgundy is divided into two sections the northern and central Yonne and Southern Yonne. The northern and central region of Yonne has several towns but the main one is Chablis for all wine enthusiasts. Chablis is located south of Pontigny another neighborhood in Burgundy. There are many wineries in Chablis that offer the best wine tasting and cuisines in Burgundy. Auxere boasts several ancient castles and they are really magnificent. If you want to see newer castles you can pay a visit Guedelon where the old castles meet new ones. There is a modern castle building project in this region which is really beautiful and is one of the highlights of Yonne.

The Southern Yonne region is famous for the Vezelay Abbey which is also listed in the UNESCO list as one of the world’s most beautiful villages. The towns of Avallon and Vezalay are great and spectacular with the beautiful landscapes and sceneries. Another great spot in Burgundy is Arcy-sur-Cure for its ruined castles. There are underground caves there as well and other unique pieces that can be seen in Arcy-sur-Cure are some of the oldest paintings made in a cave. Yonne is without doubt the top travel location in Burgundy.