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Normandy is located in the northwestern corner of France. It is a historic area full of varied landscapes including 360 miles of coastline and beaches, modern cities, and abundant farmland.
Normandy is primarily known for the events of June 6, 1944 during World War II. On that day 135,000 Allied troops invaded the beaches of Normandy. This was the largest water-to-land invasion in history. Today the area retains the history of the event with historical markers, museums, cemeteries and memorials. Guided bus tours of these historic areas are available, most of which depart from nearby Caen.
In addition to the bus tours there are a variety of things to see in Caen. There are monasteries and museums to visit as well as many historic sites. During the World War II battles in 1944 a fire burned in Caen for eleven days, destroying much of the town. Today the town has been rebuilt and it is now a vibrant and modern area that has managed to retain it’s historical significance. The Caen War Memorial commemorates the Battle for Caen of World War II.

The museum at the memorial site focuses on the causes of various military conflicts in the 20th century and what can be done to avoid them in the future.

Giverny, located on the banks of the Seine river in Normandy, is known as the center of impressionist painting. It was the home of impressionist painter Claude Monet. Visitors can tour Monet’s home and gardens which were the inspiration for his series of waterlily paintings. The art museum at Giverny offers an overview of the role of France and impressionism in 19th century art history.
The most popular vacation spot in Normandy is Deauville. Deauville is a coastal town that is known as a seaside resort for the rich and famous. It offers luxury hotels and casinos, and is also a popular spot for horse racing. Deauville contains many tracks and polo grounds and is known as “The city of the horse.”