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Provence and the French Riviera

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The Provence region of southern France intoxicates its visitors with sunny weather, stunning beaches, fragrant fields, fine cuisine, and a healthy dose of history. As one of the oldest civilized regions of France, tourists can see what remains of Roman Gaul in the arched aqueducts of Nimes and the arena of Arles. In the subsequent centuries, the Riviera has been a refuge for those from Northern Europe, looking for relief from harsh winters. The city of Nice especially accommodated the pre-Revolutionary nobles of Russia, who left behind a beautiful Russian Orthodox Cathedral. Nice has also welcomed many Britons to its sunny shores, even naming its major boardwalk the Promenade des Anglais. Today, Nice and other Riviera cities are frequent vacation spots for all who enjoy a good beach, from movie stars to casual sun-bathers.

Although the sunny skies and azure waters of the French Riviera are enough to entice any vacationer, Provence is much more than just the beach. Art lovers can walk in the footsteps of Cézanne in Aix-en-Provence. Mont Sainte-Victoire, one of his favorite subjects still rises majestically above the city he loved so much. Vincent Van Gogh also spent much of his life in this charming region of France. His yellow house and haunting bedroom still draw many tourists to the city of Arles every year. Those with a nose for fine things can visit the city of Grasse, the perfume capital of France. The sweet scent of jasmine permeates the air of this town, and many major perfumeries harvest the fragrant flowers from this region. Lovers of literature can gaze out over Marseille’s busy port to see the Chateau d

‘If – the island prison of Dumas’s “Count of Monte Cristo”.

In addition to its sandy beaches, cultural highlights, and sweet aromas, Provence offers its guests an outstanding cuisine. Olives and grapes abound in this Mediterranean climate, giving way to some of the world\’s great olive oils and wines. The coastal cuisine is sure to delight any foodie with a hunger for seafood, and a glass of pastis is certain to end the night well .