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The French Alps

Whether you love to ski or simply enjoy traveling, the French Alps are among the most beautiful stretch of mountains in the world. There is something for everyone within the French Alps, whether you want to explore the mountains by car, hike, ski or visit the mountain towns. The French Alps contain many mountains of various altitudes, such as Mont Blanc (white mountain, due to it\’s perpetual snow) which tower nearly 3 miles above sea level.

The notable communes found along the French Alps, Albertville, Annecy and Chamonix are fantastic places to learn about the lifestyle of local residents and enjoy the beautiful views and culture of the French Alps. The 1992 Winter Olympics was held in Albertville and is a fantastic location for a scenic ski trip, though it is typically not a popular tourist destination. Annecy, while situated in the mountain range, is much lower elevation: Annecy, commonly called, “The Venice of the Alps,” is located on a lake which runs through part of the city and is a much more metropolitan area, best suited for those who want to visit the alps without losing modern conveniences. Of all communes in the French Alps, those of Chamonix have the highest elevation – extending almost 3 miles above sea level, situated on majestic Mont Blanc, a very scenic location.

There are many ski resorts situated throughout the French Alps, making it an ideal destination for ski or snowboard enthusiasts. Avoriaz is one of the more popular resorts, located in the northern region and is popular with advanced snowboarders and skiers alike. Praz-de-Lys and Sommand are fantastic choices for new skiers and snowboards, because of the large amount of beginner routes. There are also resorts built primarily for children, such as Les Gets, which can be a fantastic learning opportunity for newer younger skiers.

For hikers there are a variety of solitary routes for advanced hikers and survivalists, however, guided hiking tours such as those located in Annecy are highly recommended for beginners and casual hikers due to the possible harsh conditions of the French Alps.